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Proxy Purchase + Container Sharing

mu (μ) = micro

Although the global economy is more connected than ever, it can still be difficult for consumers and small businesses to purchase goods from around the world. This is especially true for people wanting to ship small volumes of bulky or heavy goods.

Neither air parcel nor ocean freight  serve these types of customers effectively. These deliveries are too big to fit in a mailbox yet too small to fill a  shipping container. muFreight offers a solution to this problem with container-sharing.

Container-sharing helps individuals split the cost of an ocean container, giving them access to shipping rates previously only accessible to large businesses. That is the origin of our name. “mu” or “μ” is the Greek symbol for micro. We ship micro-freight. muFreight.

About the Founder

Godwin B. Chen

Godwin is a New York native born in Flushing Hospital. He holds a Master of Public Administration from CUNY Baruch. After serving a two-year local government fellowship in the Chicagoland area, he returned to help his family business in Queens. Upon returning, he realized he needed a car. He found a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon in Northern California, bought a one-way ticket, and learned how to drive stick-shift on his road trip back East. While trying to create the perfect road-trip vehicle, he encountered a problem in purchasing parts overseas. The result of that encounter is muFreight.

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