muFreight is combining proxy purchasing and container sharing services to help you buy AND ship products from Japan more affordably than ever. American customers have long sought to buy products from Japan directly only to be surprised by sky-high shipping costs. muFreight has a solution.

Our Services

Whether you found a rare set of wheels or a custom desk from an artisan woodworker, we can help you with purchasing, shipping, and translation.

Proxy Purchasing

We can help you purchase from almost any Japanese e-commerce site. This is necessary because many Japanese sites (i.e. Yahoo! Auctions) only sell to domestic residents. Unlike other proxy purchasing services, we can also help you ship big and bulky purchases affordably with our container sharing service.

Container Sharing

This is what sets muFreight apart. For people wanting to buy heavy and/or bulky goods like car parts or furniture, air freight is prohibitively expensive. Our solution is to sell shared space on ocean containers, often helping customers save in excess of 65% on shipping. You just pay for the space you use and pick-up from our warehouse in New York.

Special Purchases

We offer translation services for customers who are making custom purchases from Japanese sellers. Contact us to help us understands your needs and we will do everything to make sure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Our Story

Why are shipping costs so high?

In 2018, founder Godwin Chen ordered a list of parts for his 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon. When the time came to ship his lot, the shipping quote he received was more than the total cost of his parts. When he asked whether he could save some money by shipping by ocean, the company told him that it would cost the same except take longer. None of this made sense to him. For the next 5 years he studied the problem and explored solutions. muFreight is the result of that search.


How to start shopping Yahoo! Auctions

Don’t know how to get started shopping on Japanese e-commerce? Google Chrome’s translation function is going to be your friend. Watch the video above to learn the basics or get started by checking out some e-commerce sites listed on the right.