How It Works

1. Proxy Purchase

Did you know many Japanese businesses do not deal directly with international customers? For example, you cannot register an account with Yahoo! Auctions Japan without a Japanese mobile number. To overcome this obstacle we offer a Proxy Purchasing service. With Proxy Purchasing, our Japan-based, native Japanese-speaking team are able to help you complete purchases in Japan.

Start by shopping for an item you want to purchase. Popular Japanese e-commerce sites include Yahoo! Auctions, Croooober (aka UpGarage’s online platform), and Rakuten. We recommend the Google Chrome browser to help you translate Japanese websites to English. Here’s a video tutorial to help you navigate the process: How to Shop.

Once you find an item you would like to purchase, email it to and we will provide you with an estimate including all the fees. If you agree with the estimate we will invoice you for the purchase.

2. Warehouse Acceptance (JP)

Once you place your order, the item is delivered to our warehouse in Osaka and prepared for the ocean container. We measure the package so you only pay for the amount of space you use. Ocean containers leave our facilities every 3-4 months as we wait for the container to fill. Once the ocean container is shipped, it takes another 4-6 weeks for it to arrive at the Port of New York/New Jersey. Transit times can be affected by global events. At this point, we will invoice you a second time for the ocean shipping fees.

Did you know we offer a repackaging service for a small fee? This means the cost of shipping for two bumpers can be only a little more than one bumper.

3. Container Arrival (USA)

When your items arrive at our storage facility in Queens, NY,  we will notify you that they are ready for pickup. For customers located in neighboring states, we will sometimes organize a local “pick-up” event if there are sufficient customers. We are also to happy to ship your items via UPS from our storage facility.